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Prosperity, Unity and Diversity

We at Diversitas help you as employers to find skilled staff while employers help our participants to get closer to the labor market. We are now in 1000 the possibilities for our participants in our program Diversitas Support and Matching (we approved complementary role to the Employment Service in Sweden). It can be internship or employment. Our candidates have in common that they want to work., Is talented but is currently unemployed.

Our candidates are implementing our special approach and we deal with all the practicalities associated with placements and employment.

The employers we work with today have realized that cooperation with Diversitas not only brings benefits to the company but also benefits to society.


At Diversitas, we focus on helping you find your dream job or study path. We create a tailored pathway for you and provide personalized support along the way to your goals. In order to access our program, you must be enrolled in Arbetsförmedlingen and select us as your provider for Support and Matching.

We help you with:

  • Personalized support and mentorship.
  • Assistance in CV writing
  • Access to our exclusive network of hundreds of Swedish companies and employers
  • Opportunities to attend job fairs, study visits, seminars, etc.

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We are looking for people who want to find their dream job. If this describes you, check the job postings available here or contact us if you are looking for challenges.

Through our unique Working For Change network we have contact with hundreds of managers in companies and organizations. We have personal experience in many industries and have held leading positions as managers in different companies and organizations. After more than four years as a driving force in helping job-seekers find their dream jobs, we know what works.

Apply at nyttjobb@diversitas.se


We are one of the co-founders of the conference working for change.

Collection Foundation Working for Change is a think tank, an arena for knowledge and experience exchange, and a specific training program aimed at supporting and stimulating the Swedish companies and organizations and their managers to deal with issues of cultural diversity, and to enhance the cultural / ethnic diversity in the Swedish labor market.


All professional businesses and organizations are looking for next-generation stars. The question of looking in the right place and the right way. We do not believe it! So we created Diversitas Talent. We support companies and organizations to identify, attract and retain multicultural talent.