Diversitas is a provider of Support and Matching, a service for job-seekers looking for extra support and advice on their job search. In order to participate in Support and Matching services at Diversitas, you must be enrolled in Arbetsförmedlingen, and speak to your case officer regarding the possibility of seeking Support and Matching at a private provider. Once your case officer has approved your request for Support and Matching, you can select Diversitas as your provider.

Why select Diversitas as your provider?

Diversitas was established in 2011 by entrepreneurs, and we know what works after more than four years as a driving force in the field of helping job seekers with an academic background find their place in the Swedish workforce. Our organization is a founding member of the Working for Change Conference, which means we have unique access to more than 4.000 heads of companies and HR through its affiliated network. We ourselves have experience in a variety of branches and have held high level and managerial positions in different companies and organizations.

We have a well-developed method to best assist you in obtaining employment, a method that provides you personal support, led by an individual coach, through all aspects of the job-seeking process, including writing a CV; job interview training; and other job- or study-focused activities to help you quickly reach your goals. You will get the support and motivation needed to continue your journey towards your goals through weekly individual coaching sessions.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in seminars and lectures with exciting speakers such as heads of HR and business executives, as well as attend study visits at different companies, all from inside our network. You will also be given the opportunity to partake in job fairs.

Are you ready to get started? If so, get in touch with your case manager at Arbetsförmedlingen or contact us for more information.
Our KA number (Stockholm) is 10046001.
Our KA number (Gothenburg) är 10057564.

Find us at Arbetsförmedlingen’s page. You can also contact us via phone at 0739 13 40 00 or email us via nyttjobb@diversitas.se